Top 3 Travel Items to Keep in Your Pocket

So You Can Save Money While Traveling

Capital One Venture card

If you’re looking for an easy way to save some money on your next trip, make sure to get these three travel items to keep in your pocket.

Top 3 Travel Items to Keep in Your Pocket

Credit Card With No Foreign Transaction Fees

When traveling, I use a credit card whenever possible.  Save your cash for when you absolutely need it.  I only use cash for very small items, or to buy food from street vendors etc.  Before you leave the U.S., make sure you have a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.  This is crucial, as those 3% fees can really add up.  For me, the best credit card for travel, and for life in general, is the Capital One Venture Card.  (please see my update for what I now think is an even better card!)

It has no foreign transaction fees, a low annual fee, and an easy-to-use rewards program that offers 2% cash back on any travel related purchases.  This is actually more flexible than it sounds, because they lump many things into this travel category.  You can even redeem uber rides.  I’ve never had an issue finding enough eligible purchases to get the full 2% cash back.  To redeem your points, just go online, and you can quickly “erase” the purchases.  It’s a very easy process.

There are some other good options you could consider, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, but the Venture Card has worked out great for me.  I will say, if you usually carry a balance, maybe look for a card with a lower APR.


Screw the Venture Card!  Got myself a Chase Sapphire Reserve card, and it is amazing!!!  It seems expensive at first, but it has crazy good perks.  The high yearly fee pays for itself in no time.  Search the web for best travel credit card, and you’ll see it on every list.  Use my link to get one, and you’ll hook me up with bonus points.  If you do, I’ll buy you a drink.


ATM Card That Reimburses All Fees

A Charles Schwab High Yield Checking Account comes with the best ATM card on the planet.  This one has no competition, it stands by itself.  Not only do they not charge you fees for using any ATM worldwide, they actually reimburse you for any fees you get charged by the ATM.  It’s a beautiful thing.  The application process is more involved than a regular checking account, as you also have to open a brokerage account with them, but it’s worth the hassle.

A quick tip when using ATMs overseas… try and withdraw an amount that will give you some smaller bills.  For instance, enter a custom amount of 180 instead of 200. That way you won’t have to try and find a place willing to give you change for a 50, when you’re just trying to buy a water.


Smart Phone With Free International Data and Text

I’ve used most of the big wirelsss carriers at some point.  I started with Verizon, but switched to AT&T when the iPhone first came out.  I then switched to T-Mobile a few years ago when they started offering free international data and text in over 140 countries, and haven’t looked back since.  It’s been wonderful.

The coverage is good, it’s inexpensive, and the free international data and text is a lifesaver.  Well, a bank account saver.  No carrying two phones when you travel, no swapping SIM cards.  When your plane touches down in a new country, you can instantly start using your regular phone.  So nice.



If you get the right credit card, ATM card and phone plan, you’ll be saving money in no time.  They are three essential travel items to keep in your pocket.  Once you get your wallet and phone sorted, start looking at some of the best gear for world travel.

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