The Best Way to Get Cheap Passport Photos

A 6-Pack For Only 33 Cents at Walgreens

Voilà, 6 passport-sized photos!

If there are two things I love, it’s saving money and cheating the system!  You can do both, the next time you renew your passport.  Walgreens wanted to charge me $15, but there’s an easy way to get cheap passport photos.

The Best Way to Get Cheap Passport Photos

My passport is expiring in May, so I figured it was about time to renew it.  You can renew it by mail  if you meet certain requirements, but you need to send in a 2×2″ photo.  I took one by myself easily enough, but the problem came when I tried to print it out. Walgreens wanted to charge me $14.99 for 2 passport photos.  That seemed crazy to me, especially considering they only charge 33 cents to print a regular 4×6″ photo.  At this point you need to ask yourself how much your time is worth to you.  Sure, you could plunk down the $15 and be done with it, but not me.  I decided to drive home and figure out a way to hack the system!

Take a Selfie


We’re all experts at this by now, right?  Take a selfie against a white wall, making sure you adhere to all the official passport photo requirements.  Edit the crop of your photo so that the aspect ratio is square, or 1:1.

Create a Collage


Use a picture collage app, and make a 4×6″ compatible collage.   Save that photo to your phone.

Print Your 4×6 Collage Photo for 33 Cents at Walgreens

Download the Walgreens app, and create a profile. (at this point I ended up adjusting the exposure of my photo to even out the white background)  Upload your 4×6 collage photo, and place the order to get it printed.  It costs 33 cents.  So now instead of 2 passport sized photos for $15, you get 6 for 33 cents.  Like a smooth criminal.

Put Your Kindergarten Skills to Work

You do know how to use a scissors, yes?  Ok cool.  Cut yourself 6 passport-sized photos. Good luck, Lefties.


Congratulations, you just scored some cheap passport photos, and saved about $15.  That’s enough for lunch in Thailand for 10 days, or one cocktail made by a bearded, hipster mixologist in Los Angeles.


I got my new passport back, and the photo worked.  I mailed in my application with Priority Mail, and did the standard non-rush passport service for $110.  Estimated turn-around time was 4-6 weeks, but I got my passport back in exactly 2 weeks, so that was a nice surprise.





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